Celebrating the sun’s return

Leo Maktar won first place in the igloo-building contest on Saturday, Feb. 2 in Pond Inlet during the Return of the Sun festivities. He was awarded a round-trip helicopter ride to Sirmilik National Park this July. (Photo © Carey Elverum)

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Sunny expressions

Sirmilik National Park manager Carey Elverum’s family is seen during the igloo-building event during the Return of the Sun festivities in Pond Inlet on Saturday, Feb. 2. From left: Naya, Shelly and Zoe Elverum. (Photo © Carey Elverum)

Celebrating Inuit Day with hip-hop

At right, Northern Knowledge, also known as William Komaksiutiksak, raps with J Breton at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre on Feb. 9 as part of the centre’s Inuit Day celebrations. The duo are part of Strong Minded Inuit, a youth organization dedicated to suicide prevention. (Photo by Kahlan Miron)

A sweet way to learn science

Volunteers with Let’s Talk Science served ice cream made with liquid hydrogen at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre’s Inuit Day celebrations on Feb. 9. Let’s Talk Science is a charity organization that promotes science, technology, engineering and mathematics to youth across Canada. The group offers an after-school program at the Ottawa Inuit Children’s Centre. (Photo by Kahlan Miron)

Skinning a polar bear

Sanikiluaq students learn to skin a polar bear on Tuesday, Feb. 12. From left: Annie Amitook, Ayla Mickiyuk, Louisa Emikotailuk, Sarah Uppik, Sarah Mina Cookie and Betsy Meeko. (Photo courtesy of Paatsaali School)

Stitch by stitch

Anu Boucher, a first-year student at Nunavut Sivuniksavut, stitches together the first pieces of her hand-made parka Jan. 23 as part of traditional skills workshops held each week at the Ottawa-based college. (Photo by Aiden Anawak)